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REVIEW: Doctor Who Series 10 trailer

Andddd the Doctor is back! New places, new companions, new time zones, new characters... what could possibly happen? Quick-cut clips with a good mix of comedic and dramatic glimpses has set the world's Whovian hearts beating once again in anticipation for Series 10, and sadly the last series with Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor.

The new trailer bounded onto our TV screens on Monday night, jam-packed with crazy special effects and a preview of the many adventures that the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his two companions, Nardole (Matt Lucas) and newbie Bill (Pearl Mackie), will encounter in the new series.

So, what have the BBC and Stephen Moffat got up their sleeves for us this time? Let's take a look:

1. There will be pyramids.
Could these large triangular landmarks be the infamous classic Egyptian Pyramids? Perhaps. But with a luscious green forest on its doorstep, chances are this adventure will take place sometime in the future or even on a different planet. Pyramids have popped up in the Doctor's timeline before, notably in The Dalek's Master Plan, and more recently The Rings of Akhaten. Whether it's Pharaohs, Osirians or planet-eating entities it seems that danger will inevitably be lurking nearby. Looking back at Series 4 with Tom Baker, the Doctor also encountered pyramids in Pyramids of Mars. Speaking of which...

2. The Doctor will definitely be going to Mars!
Yes, that's right. We're going to Mars again - only this time lets hope we don't encounter any water... Plus the monster we're going to meet looks suspiciously like an Ice Warrior, except perhaps with a bit of a twist this time. Maybe a female Ice Warrior?  *coughcough* Mark Gatiss. It's time to bring back some old friends.

3. Evil Emojibots?
They look a bit like the Handbots from The Girl Who Waited, except smaller and with cute little faces. But these are no ordinary faces. No, these are emoji-faces, and whilst these little robots look adorable with their little thumbs-up happy faces, it soon becomes apparent that they also have murderous-skull angry faces too. Too many faces...

4. A big spiky door.
A door that leads where, we wonder? If you look closely enough there's some familiar patterns - Gallifreyan text perhaps? Could the Doctor be revisiting the home of the Time Lords once again, or are there even darker forces at play here?

5. Old Sonic?
This sonic Nardole has caught looks rather familiar? Could it be the same model used by Tom Baker in series four? This sonic was actually used throughout the 70s and 80s by Pertwee, Baker and Davidson. It looks like series 10 will be taking a few trips down memory lane. Which leads us to...

6. Mondasian Cybermen!
The Cybermen are back again! We may have encountered them last in Series 8's Death in Heaven, but these aren't the modern reboot. These original, creepy Cybermen with cloth faces were last seen in the 1960s alongside William Hartnell in The Tenth Planet, and have since produced many bizarre and sinister variations. The Cybermen will appear in episodes 11 and 12 of Series 10 directed by Rachel Talalay. As these monsters are his favourite, it would seem the series finale will be a fitting farewell for Peter Capaldi.

7. We've landed in 1814? Get in!
Though we originally thought we might get a bit of Victorian action, it appears the Doctor and Bill have landed in the Georgian era. And there's snow too. Could this be one of the River Thames Frost Fairs? The Frost Fairs were held in London when the river froze over between the 17th and early 19th century, and in 1814 it was said that an elephant traveled across the ice under Blackfriars Bridge! Whatever this episode holds in store we can be certain that the Doctor is going to punch someone. And hasn't the Doctor taken someone else to 1814 before? *coughcough* A Good Man Goes to War...

8. Freaky, wet-Dalek woman?
There seems to be something a bit slippery about this girl? Could be the fact she seems to have materialised completely out of water. But what is most shocking is the one word she speaks, the one word that fills the Whovian soul with excitement and dread: EXTERMINATE! So, are we looking at a race in league with the Daleks, or is she more of a Dalek-hybrid?

9. Bill is awesome.
Pearl Mackie is vibrant and fresh in the two trailers we've seen so far. Her name is Bill Potts, she serves chips, and she thinks the Tardis interior looks like a kitchen. She'll definitely keep us and the Doctor entertained. Bill seems quite a bubbly character who's full of curiosity. Here's hoping she doesn't talk the Doctor to death.

10. Missy is back!
Thank goodness. This eccentric timelady has been missing from our TV screens for far too long. Having last appeared in 'The Witch's Familiar' she's left an awful lot of questions behind that need answering. Like how on earth she managed to escape from Skaro surrounded by Daleks? We'll just have to wait and see.

One thing is for sure, Series 10 will be full of action, a good dose of Earth's history, aliens, monsters, heroes and villains. We're all in for a bit of a bumpy ride...

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday 15th April 2017.
Photo Credits: Google, BBC One, The Guardian

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