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REVIEW: Far Beyond the Waves

"Our life is like a single drop in the ocean."

Sometimes the combination of beautiful cinematography and the raw flow of an honest narrative is enough to make the most effective, memorable and impactful film. ‘Far Beyond the Waves’ is one such film. It tells the beautifully moving story of a couple who meet with perhaps the most unexpected fear any parent can face.

“We sometimes never fully understand what we've lived through, or feel we've had enough time. Life doesn't always work out the way we thought it would, does it?”

This story, lovingly and sensitively told, is written through metaphors: the waves that are sometimes calm, sometimes unpredictable, as life is. Charlotte Nall reveals her personal trauma in going through a stillbirth with her husband, and in doing so paints the bittersweet portrait of a precious, fleeting life. The charity they set up, Little Fingers, seeks to bring comfort and support to families who go through the same experience, to bring awa…