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About a Girl

Graduate in Film Production Technology at Staffordshire University.

I set up this blog up when I first started the course to record my thoughts and the projects I've been working on outside and within university. I hope to continue documenting my work as I learn more about the filmmaking world.

I am passionate about film, music, books, art and story-telling. It is my ambition to work within the film industry and to develop my skills over the years. At present I love script-writing, storyboarding, documentary and editing. I come from an Art and Design background, having studied at Walsall College, and have a keen interest in English Language.

My other interests include: art and design, needlework and traditional handicrafts, conservation, Girl Guiding, history, skiing, trumpet-playing and fell-walking. In 2015 I completed my Gold d of E Expedition and Queen's Guide Award. I also love games and am fairly competitive. I love laughing, silly jokes and working as part of a team.

I don’t like: wastefulness, negativity, lying, cheating, and self-opinionated people who talk too much and rarely come up for air. Oxygen is a precious commodity which ought not be wasted.

I do like: resourcefulness, creativity, honesty, positivity and self-opinionated people who listen as much as they speak.

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If you haven't heard of 'Stranger Things' by now you must have been in the Upside Down with no wifi signal to tune into Netflix. One year ago the world was plunged into an epic 80's sci-fi thriller world where Dungeons and Dragons, VHS cassettes and BMX bikes were all the rage, and now, with the eruption of Season 2 hitting our tv and mobile screens, it seems fitting to look back on where this journey began...

Since the late 1890's the imaginations of people all around the globe have been fascinated by the possibility of life on other planets and visitors from outer space. Thanks to the great early science-fiction authors such as H.G. Wells and John Wyndham, the books 'War of the Worlds' and 'The Crysalids' taught us that the scientifically impossible could be found perhaps not only amongst the stars, but amongst ourselves.

From then on humanity looked upwards, wondering, researching, hypothesising about things that should be left untouched. In the ea…


Finally, after what feels like decades of waiting, it is finally here...
After the epicness of The Force Awakens, and then the Episode 4 prequel Rogue One, who knew that it was possible to get even more excited about Star Wars?

Following on from Episode 7, The Last Jedi promises more adventure, more action, and could possibly (just like The Empire Strikes Back) be overshadowed by the dark side of the force - hence the red typeface perhaps?

There were so many unanswered questions left after the last film: Who are Rey's parents? Who is Snoke? Has Luke already turned to the dark side? Will Finn survive? What is Snoke planning next? Will Kylo Ren eventually turn to the light, and be reunited with his mother? Will Leia be reunited with Luke?

Who knows? But the teaser trailer does offer enough sneak peeks to let the entire Star Wars fandom start speculating and anticipating the movie's plot. Besides, we've all watched it a million times now, right?


REVIEW: Far Beyond the Waves

"Our life is like a single drop in the ocean."

Sometimes the combination of beautiful cinematography and the raw flow of an honest narrative is enough to make the most effective, memorable and impactful film. ‘Far Beyond the Waves’ is one such film. It tells the beautifully moving story of a couple who meet with perhaps the most unexpected fear any parent can face.

“We sometimes never fully understand what we've lived through, or feel we've had enough time. Life doesn't always work out the way we thought it would, does it?”

This story, lovingly and sensitively told, is written through metaphors: the waves that are sometimes calm, sometimes unpredictable, as life is. Charlotte Nall reveals her personal trauma in going through a stillbirth with her husband, and in doing so paints the bittersweet portrait of a precious, fleeting life. The charity they set up, Little Fingers, seeks to bring comfort and support to families who go through the same experience, to bring awa…