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Last Moments - sound

Last Moments - 45 second - 1 minute film

"In 1944 a young air cadet runs for cover during an air raid; the threat of V1 flying bombs overhead. Little does she know that these are her last moments."

View the finished film here:

There have been enough novels, biographies, movies, dramas and documentaries depicting scenes from the Second World War. Away from the battlefield, millions of people ducked for cover during the Blitz in 1940/41 and in the years afterwards. The British government put precautions in place: air raid sirens, shelters, bunkers, black outs etc. but sometimes even these were not enough to protect the public. 70 years later, we can only begin to imagine what it would have been like. This short film attempts to capture some of those feelings through film and sound.

Sounds: 1. Air raid Siren    The air raid siren is one of the most iconic sounds of the Second World War. First used in 1939 to warn of incoming enemy planes, its prominent pla…

What are UFO's? - advanced negotiated pitch

Advanced Negotiated Pitch:

What kids think of: UFO’s Intro:
‘What kids think of: UFO’s’ is a short documentary-style film asking a range of children what they think about aliens, using different styles of animation to illustrate and accentuate the narrative. The storyline will depend entirely on the children’s response as will the animation. Aims & Objectives: The main objective of this film is to give insight into a child’s mind through a fun subject, by working with a diverse range of young people using interviews and art activities; to research stop-motion animation methods via books and the internet; to test the results before applying them to the finished product. Research and Discussion: The title sequence will be created using paper stop-motion animation – also known as ‘cut-out animation’. This technique consists of making flat paper characters, props and backgrounds that are manoeuvred and simulated to create a simple animation by photographing each frame. This style of animation…